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Green Smoothie
Green Smoothie
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Start your day with fruits and greens in this delicious green smoothie blend! You'll find this recipe and lots of other great smoothie recipes in the Healthy Beverages eBook.

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Ingredients description

2 cups fresh or frozen fruit (your choice)

1 cup water 

Stevia extract to taste (optional)

6 oz. spinach

2 Tbs. omega 3 oil (coconut, flax, hemp, Udo’s, cold pressed walnut. chia seeds)

Ice as desired


Combine all ingredients in a high speed blender and blend until smooth. For best results, drink within one hour.


NOTES: Smoothies are very flexible.  You can add whatever fruits and greens you want, just make sure that it TASTES GOOD!!  Your smoothies should be so delicious that you can't wait for the next one.  You can use lemon, stevia, ginger, and essential oils to vary the flavor.  If you are a beginner, start with milder greens like spinach or romaine lettuce.  

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Janae Comments available: Tue 16 Jul 2013 17:13:56 MDT
This smoothie is yummy and super flexible. I use a different version of it almost every day
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