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Home » Quick Start » Dr. Janae's Holiday Survival Guide - Part One
Thursday, 27 November 2014 09:18
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Dr. Janae's Holiday Survival Guide - Part One



4 Simple Tricks to Help You Look Good and Feel Good During the Holiday Season




Are you worried about holiday weight gain?  Are you concerned that the new healthy habits you’ve been developing over the last few weeks are going to disappear once you are faced with the never ending supply of holiday treats?  Changing holiday habits can be downright daunting in the midst of longstanding traditions, holiday festivities and a hefty dose of social pressure to eat unhealthy food.  However, this holiday season can be different.  You don’t have to give up the things you love in order to be healthy during the holidays, You can enjoy all the holiday foods and activities you love AND feel great through the next couple of months.  Here are some simple strategies to help you navigate holiday parties, junk food in the work place, traveling, and shopping. 


How To Navigate Holiday Parties


#1 Eat In Advance

This might sound like a crazy idea, especially if you are attending a dinner party, but if you show up to a party with low blood sugar and an empty stomach, you’ll end up eating anything (and everything) that happens to be in front of you.  Plan ahead and eat a nutrient dense meal or snack before you arrive at the party.   This will help you make more empowered decisions about what to eat and portion size.  


#2 Bring Something Healthy And Delicious To Share With Everyone


If you bring a nutrient dense offering to share, everyone at the party benefits.  You will be able to eat something that is good for you and you can share the gift of delicious food and health with your family and friends.  If you are not sure what to bring, check out this Café Janae Blog Post for some amazing healthy holiday recipes that are sure to be a hit at your next holiday party.



Learn how to make these amazing recipes and many more

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#3 Keep Something Healthy In Your Hands At All Times  

When you are socializing at a party, you’ll be less tempted to nibble on processed food or drink alcoholic beverages if you have a healthy food or beverage in your hand.  Try a healthy 'moctail', a glass of mineral water, some veggies and dip, or healthy gluten free, sugar free, dairy free dessert.  This will keep your hands, your mouth, and your stomach occupied so you’ll be less likely to drink alcohol or eat foods containing flour, sugar, dairy, and industrial oils.



How To Avoid Temptation While Shopping, Traveling, & On Holiday Errands


#4 Don’t Leave Home Without….

Keep water and healthy snacks with you at all times.  It’s easy to get caught up in holiday traffic or stuck at the airport and feel like your only option is fast food or a vending machine.  Plan ahead and pack a “food emergency bag” to take with you whenever you leave the house.  You can pack it with veggies, fruit, trail mix, nut butter, avocados, home made energy bars, healthy sandwich fixings, or other healthy snacks.  If you know you’ll be tempted with holiday desserts and sweets, pack some home made healthy cookies or cheesecake to calm your sweet tooth.  If you need some great snack ideas, you can download your FREE copy of the UPGRADED Snack Guide, where you'll have 60 healthy snack recipes to choose from as well as a step by step introducton to healthy snacking.  DOWNLOAD YOUR FREE COPY OF THE UPGRADED SNACK GUIDE HERE.  




CLICK HERE to read PART TWO, and learn how to create a healthy holiday environment at home and at the office.  


What are your strategies to stay healthy during the holidays?  Share your great ideas with the group by leaving a comment below. 

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