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Welcome to Cafe Janae

Friday, 07 June 2013 04:16

My Story

Many of you know the story of my health transformation.  As a child, I had many health problems.  By the time I was in my 20's I was so ill I couldn't work, go to school, or live a normal life.  I had debilitating fatigue, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, migraine headaches, nausea, vomiting, gallstones, kidney stones, constipation, acne, and more. My immune system was not functioning well, and I caught every bug that came around.  I felt completely miserable and completely hopeless.

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Doctors Didn't Help

I sought the help of dozens of western doctors, naturopaths, energy workers, homeopaths, herbalists, and chiropractors.  I tried dozens of surgeries, drug therapies, diets, supplements, and health programs. While many of these treatments offered some temporary help, nothing seemed to give me what I was looking for.  I wanted to FEEL GOOD, I wanted ENERGY, I wanted to be FREE FROM PAIN.  I wanted to BE HEALTHY, FEEL HEALTHY and LOOK HEALTHY.  I was about to give up when I stumbled upon a 3 week retreat where I was introduced to a raw food, plant based diet.  That retreat was a turning point for me.  

Food Is Medicine

In 3 weeks, I lost 30 lbs., reversed my hypertension and high cholesterol, my migraine headaches went away, my skin cleared up, my brain fog vanished, and I felt better than I ever had before.   When I got home, I went back to eating my regular diet, and almost instantly all my symptoms came rushing back.  I started to experiment with different variations of this diet to find out what parts of it contributed to health, energy and vitality and what parts were myth or marketing hype.  Piece by piece I discovered the healing potential of a whole food, high raw, plant based diet, and the value of a low glycemic, low antigen, nutrient dense approach.  





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Making it Easy, Fun, and Delicious

As my friends and family saw me transform from a sickly and weak invalid to a strong, healthy and vibrant woman, they began to ask me what my secret was.  When I told them that I stopped eating dairy, gluten, sugar, and processed foods, and started eating lots of greens and raw foods, many of them told me that they could NEVER eat that way event if it did improve their health.  So I set out to create recipes that were so delicious that my friends and family didn't know they were healthy.  Being a single mom and full time grad student, I didn’t have hours to spend in the kitchen, so I had to create recipes that were quick and easy as well as tasty.


Change Your Relationship With Food, Heal Your Body

When my friends and family tasted my recipes and started to feel the healing effects they were amazed that they could eat food that was "good for them" without loosing any of the enjoyment.  They were hooked.  This is when Cafe Janae was born.  I started teaching classes to help people learn how to heal their bodies and tantalize their taste buds at the same time.  I combined my culinary talents with my medical training as a nurse practitioner to create a program that helped my students reverse diabetes, lower blood pressure, lower cholesterol, eliminate depression, lose weight, and FEEL BETTER, while learning to fall in love with their food and their bodies.  










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Why Cafe Janae?

Cafe Janae was created by a holistic chef and a nurse practitioner. This means you get the best of research based medical nutrition combined with taste-bud-sensations only a culinary artist can deliver.   You'll also get the benefit of being coached by someone who truly understands the psychology of food.  What you eat is as important as why you are eating it.  My Students LOVE my 1% to Wellness program, that helps them make small, simple, sustainable changes toward building a healthy body.  They love the idea that they don’t have to deprive themselves to be healthy.  They love the idea that they can ditch the “diet mentality” that has haunted them their whole lives.  They love the freedom to feel passionate and excited about making good choices for themselves, and they love the easy, simple solutions I have created for them. 

My Gift to You

I have created this website as a gift of love to you, my dear friends.  By joining this community you'll have access to recipes, classes, videos, interviews, podcasts, and products that will help you change your relationship with food and totally transform your health.  You’ll be able to enjoy the same benefits that thousands of my students have already experienced.   I hope you'll join us and share your journey with the community so we can benefit from your contributions and your experience.


Join Us!  It's Fun and It's Free.


If you’re not a member already, you can sign up for your free membership by clicking the orange “Become a Member” button


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on the upper right corner of the homepage.  When you sign up, you’ll receive a complimentary starter kit that includes a free recipe book with 15 of my favorite recipes and a $10 coupon to use on any of the digital products in my store.  Every week I’ll be sharing recipes, videos, blog posts, classes and more.  So keep checking back in for new content, free prizes, and other fun surprises. 


I look forweard to serving you in the future.  




Janae Devika



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