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Asian Inspired Cuisine

Price: $19.95

What makes Asian food taste so good? The secret is in the sauce! The Healthy Asian Inspired Cuisine cookbook includes a variety of healthy sauces made with whole, nutrient-dense foods, such as Sweet and Sour Tomato Sauce, Almond Curry sauce, and Orange Ci

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Healthy Beverages

Price: $19.95

Do you want to drink healthy beverages, but need something with more flavor than filtered water? Most beverages in the Standard American Diet are made with sugar, high-fructose corn syrup, and other additives that can be addicting. The Healthy Beverages

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Healthy Breakfast

Price: $19.95

Do you eat breakfast, the most important meal of the day? Is your breakfast pre-packaged or frozen with preservatives? You can start your day with any of the healthy recipes in this cookbook made with whole and nutrient-dense foods that will give you ener

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Healthy Condiments

Price: $19.95

The key to eating healthy is not to eliminate your favorite foods, but to replace them with a healthy version. Most condiments are full of sugar and high-fructose corn syrup which can leave you feeling sick. Replacing unhealthy condiments with healthy one

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Healthy Desserts

Price: $19.95

Looking for a healthy dessert to be the finishing touch to a healthy meal? Most desserts that are part of the Standard American Diet are made with sugar, high-fructose corn syrup, and unhealthy preservatives. The recipes in this cookbook use whole and raw

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Healthy Snacks

Price: $19.95

Do you constantly look for a quick-fix snack, but only find sugar and pre-packaged items? Most snacks are made with sugar and are pre-packaged with high-calorie preservatives. Do you want something quick and healthy? With a little planning, any of the 33

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Healthy Substitution Guide

Price: $19.95

Keep all your favoirite recipes! Use this guide to find out how to easily substitute healthy versions of key ingredients so you can eat comfort foods guilt-free!

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Healthy Thanksgiving

Price: $19.95

Thanksgiving comes with fabulous food traditions. Bring some new healthy traditions to your Thanksgiving Celebrations!

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Holiday Brunch Buffet

Price: $19.95

Are you serving a big group for the holidays? The Healthy Brunch Buffet cookbook is full of healthy holiday crepe recipes for your large holiday meal including crepe shells, savory crepe recipes and sauces, sweet crepe recipes and sauces, and tips on sett

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Holiday Eats & Treats

Price: $19.95

Food around the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays is typically pre-packaged, full of sugar, and part of the Standard American Diet.

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Indian Inspired Cuisine

Price: $9.95

Do you love Indian Cuisine, but you're looking for healthy versions? Bring a healthy taste of India to your table. The 15 recipes in the Healthy Indian Inspired Cuisine cookbook include healthy versions of soups, lentils, and rice dishes and will leave yo

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Instant Make-Ahead Meals

Price: $19.95

Have the convenience of fast food and freezer meals without having to sacrifice nutrition and quality! Make instant meals ahead of time!

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Mexican Inspired Cuisine

Price: $19.95

Craving Mexican food with it's bright, beautiful and festive colors? The Healthy Mexican Inspired Cuisine cookbook includes 27 healthy versions of salsas, soup, fajitias, tacos, horchata, and flan that will help you bring a healthy and gorgeous food fiest

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Naturally Leavened Bread

Price: $19.95

The Standard American Diet includes bread with each meal, but this bread with its preservatives and processes can cause many health problems. The Naturally Leavened cookbook describes how to start your own culture, and how this culture (or natural leaven)

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Probiotics for Perfect Health

Price: $19.95

Probiotics are the beneficial bacteria that live in and on your body. Probiotics are also referred to as flora or friendly bacteria. Probiotics have a major influence on the function of your immune system and your state of health. If you have a robust, he

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Salads & Dressings

Price: $19.95

Is your typical salad a plate of lettuce with some diced tomates drizzled with bottled dressing? The Healthy Salads cookbook includes a variety of more than 30 savory, delicious, healthy salad recipes and salad dressings including a Thai Noodle Salad, Pa

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Summer Treats & BBQ

Price: $19.95

Do you love a good BBQ? Take something new and healthy to your next BBQ! The Cool Summer Treats and Healthy BBQ cookbook has more than 40 healthy options like healthy chocolate ice cream, southwest burgers, black bean and quinoa burgers, Snow Cones, and h

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10 Day Meal Plan

Price: $19.95

The 10 Day Meal Plan cookbook is a compliation of more than 50 recipes to cleanse. The Green Cleanse is a way for you to cleanse your body and detoxify from the Standard American Diet - in a healthy way that will sustain you while your body cleanses. Reci

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30 Minute Meals

Price: $19.95

Need a healthy meal, but don't have the time to make one? The Healthy 30 Minute Meals cookbook includes tips on making quick meals, and comes with more than 20 recipes including Zucchini Pasta, Cream of Chicken/Mushroom soup, and sloppy joes that can be

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Dehydrator Basics

Price: $19.95

The Dehydrator Basics cookbook includes information on choosing a dehydrator and describes the benefits of using a dehydrator method of cooking. One of the many benefits of using a dehydrator when preparing food, is that the nutritional potential is maxim

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Healthy Grain Bowls

Price: $19.95

Grain Bowls are an easy, healthy way to put some healthy ingredients together. Grain Bowls can start with a grain, then your favorite vegetables, topped with your favorite sauce, and then garnished with toppings like nuts, vegan cheese, croutons, etc. The

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Academy for Healthy Living

Price: $299.00

A $700 Value, you get all the Cafe Janae eBooks, videos, and guides are yours for life for only $299!

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Special Detox Bundle

Price: $99.00

Special bundle for class attendees! Includes 6 Detox-Themed eBooks!

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